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There comes that moment when we need to get a word or chunk of text translated to a meaningful form for other users to grasp or just for our own purposes. Companies I have worked with like this rotary drilling company use this to grow their business on a big level. Later when I had my online business Wiff I used the same services. With advance in technology a lot of companies and online translators, normally referred to as Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tools have been developed to help us in doing so. Some of these tools can also be freely integrated into a website, for instance on content management systems such as WordPress, online stores and other community forums, and thus allowing users to read the content or interact in their own local languages.

i) Google translate. It is an online translation tool provided by Google and has support for a lot of languages such as Spanish, Arabic and Latin. This tool can also be embedded on a website to add a personal touch to a site. This helps by attracting more users which is good in building traffic.

ii) Worldlingo. It is a translation tool that allows you to translate text, documents, chats, emails and websites for free though there is a limit of 500 words for free translation. But just like Google translate it has a variety of languages (33 languages to be precise) you can translate to. Worldlingo also provides a translation API for easy integration with your software, website, intranet or a corporate information system to allow communications and interactions around the globe.

iii) Kwintessential. This tool allows you to translate content by specifying a website URL. Though it has support for a few languages, it still provides a handy solution if you are in need of translation services for cheap.

iv) Systran is another tool that will help in translating text by pasting into the text area provided or translate web content by typing in a URL to the source.

In your use of these free CAT tools, note that they are not 100% accurate. Language semantics of a certain phrase, piece of text or a word may be completely altered. Thus, human intervention may still be necessary though they provide quick and low cost translation services.

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