Doing social media marketing the right way

Did you know that social media marketing is the best way to boost your business? It may seem obvious but social media marketing lies at the heart of may successful business strategies. Done right, it can lead to more customers and brand loyalty.

How do I get it right?

G. Winchester is a seo manchester and social media pro and head of marketing for this self storage manchester business and this yoga classes manchester gym and recommends “It depends on who you are and what you sell. One of the first things to think about is what kind of business you are and what you offer. Are you a web development business looking for new startups? It’s worth thinking about business social media marketing platforms like LinkedIn. Copywriting firm? Maybe your potential clients are regular Twitter users.”

If you’re a new health and fitness brand, an effective social media marketing platform is Instagram’s targeted ads.

What about frequency?

Gina Smithers runs a assisted living chicago facility and does their marketing and says “Any successful social media marketing strategy relies on consistency and continuing to push a message. This can involve anything from rescheduling posts with minor tweaks to reusing hashtags. The main thing to remember is that if you aren’t consistent and if your social media marketing isn’t regular enough – you’ll fail to reach customers.”

Does it have to be funny?

Greg Pinto sells ham gift and turf products online and notes “It might help, but be a bit cautious. Research suggests that humour is so subjective that comedy can actually do more harm when used as part of a social media marketing strategy. Instead try to think about why your product or your brand can help people. Focus on the idea of trying to meet people at their level – rather than preaching at them about how incredible you are.”

Should I ask an expert for help?

Judy Dornbush runs the social media for many companies including a roller compaction for dry granulation business and this luxury candles store and personal trainer manchester business and uses social media daily and notes “Social media marketing firms may seem, to some cynics, like snake oil salesmen. However it’s far from the truth. Get in touch with a social media marketing expert to see what their thoughts are. A no-obligations type conversation could at least give you some ideas of where to start. Also there are numerous sites where you can buy social media followers to help get your social media accounts started. The truth is that there’s no one size fits all solution when it comes to social media marketing. Instead, think of your brand having a wide range of creative possibilities.”